R.C.T Council Cabinet allocates further investment for highways across Abercynon Ward

This month R.C.T Council’s Cabinet met to approval a further package of highways CachedImage.axd-3investment across R.C.T. This follows a Cabinet meeting in April when a three year capital programme for highways and transportation projects was approved.

In April we welcomed the announcement that a total of £1.756million of capital investment was earmarked for Abercynon Ward. Following June’s Cabinet meeting, we are pleased to announce that further investment has been announced for Abercynon Ward, taking the total amount of investment pledged as of June 2019 to £1.851million.

This funding has been allocated to schemes and improvements across Abercynon Ward. The capital investment includes the following: New park & ride at Navigation Park, the resurfacing of roads and footways, structural works to Pontcynon Road Bridge, works to improve the traffic flow through Abercynon Town Centre and 1/4 Mile Road Junction.

Resident can read the full list of capital investment here.

Or by visiting the following link:

Click to access Item5FrontlineServicesHighwaysImprovementSchemes.pdf

We are delighted to see £1.851million pledged to improve highways and transportation in Abercynon Ward by R.C.T Council. We would like the thank the Council for continuing to invest in our community and for listening to our representations on behalf of residents.

Rhys & Elaine