Successful Community Clean-up Day! – Farm Wood Path, Abercynon.

A community clean-up day has been held on the path leading from David Dower Close to IMG_0493Tressilian Place, known locally as Farm Wood Path. We were assisted on the day by the R.C.T Council cleansing team and staff from Cynon Taf Housing Association.

The day was a great success with over ten bags of litter and rubbish collected. In addition, large household items that had been dumped on the steep banking were collected. Overgrowth alongside the path was cut and overhanging tree branches were cut back. The paths have been cleared of fallen leaves and new litter bins have been added at either end of the path. IMG_0489

The community clean-up day is the latest in the seasonal programme of clean-up days planned for Abercynon Ward. We are committed to doing our bit to improve the environment in our community and we kindly ask resident to dispose of their litter and waste considerately. We aim to hold a clean-up day in every part of Abercynon Ward throughout the year. Residents are always welcome to join us.

Rhys & Elaine IMG_0491